Areas of Activity

data analysis team

Our consultants work in the market place coaching the ”doers” and supervisors on HOW the work should be done.
At the same time, we are ambassadors for the management to help you analyze the situation, implement the improvements and establish operational discipline.



Segmenting the market (as customers do)

  • Per buying Group
  • Per Key Retail chain
  • Per independent chain
  • Per type of store
  • Per regional Rep
  • Per Geographical territory

Organize the market coverage (as customers do)

  • Defining the route logistics
  • Drawing routes per market developer per day
  • Hand over routes to market developers per major categories (per season)
  • Incorporate events into the coverage plan

The agreed plan, made clear

  • Order taking, order slip issue
  • Competition pricing
  • Faces per store per category, per SKU
  • Shelf space reproduction, digital photos
  • Stand placement
  • Promotional material inventory
  • Product returns (expiration)
  • Customer order log keeping
  • Daily route supervision
  • Plan: Define execution line and accountability line
  • Market developer training and accreditation
  • Route Delegation
  • Schedule of meetings with Project Leader/Supervisor and Customer representatives
  • Generation of Reporting for Customer



Use of Web applications, PDAs, RFID, Voice Portals, etc. for projects monitoring and report generation in any depth of analysis required.

pda use

TALANTON can develop and use Evolving – Dynamic Information Systems that ensure a sustained performance depending on the needs or requirements and the continuous changes of market demands.


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