International Activities

TALANTON offers an extensive  network of partners with significant marketing expertise in foreign markets that can support a variety of international business activities efficiently.

Ιnternational Promotions

TALANTON, in co-operation with individual companies or groups of companies, plans and organizes activities to promote products based on the principles of international marketing.

Within the framework of this activity TALANTON:

  • Informs and prepares companies for the market they intend to be involved.
  • Informs about the conditions of marketing and packaging.
  • Supports businesses’ participation in international exhibitions abroad by organizing meetings with local buyers, but also with distribution and sales networks.
  • Supports businesses’ participation in exhibitions in Greece by inviting specific groups of entrepreneurs – buyers.

International Surveys

TALANTON, conducts surveys abroad on behalf of its clients where information is collected about:

  • Market size
  • Market points of sale (every outlet survey)
  • Preferences of the target market
  • Priorities and proposed actions and approach

Business & Exports Consulting

TALANTON informs and supports its customers in their participation in programs of business funding  and exporting activities.

Indicative Catalogue of Foreign Exhibitions




Indicative Catalogue of Greek Exhibitions




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