Consistency is everything. You want the displays to be the same across all stores and locations. You want to make sure everything is in stock. You want the display to look neat, organized and appealing for your customers. You want the correct pricing, signage and coupons in place. And you can’t afford to compromise.

Our merchandising specialists act as an extension of your team by providing a broad array of in-store services with consistency that translates to sales.


Merchandising Tasks

  • Category management
  • Plan-o-gram implementation
  • Selling space replenishment
  • Secondary selling space installations – displays, stands, etc.
  • Placement of POS advertising material
  • FEFO control and removal of expired and damaged goods
  • Price checking and recording
  • Out of stock control and report
  • Sales and Order placement
  • Selling space measurement
  • Measurement of SKU facings, etc.


Outsourcing Merchandising Benefits

  • Increase Of Sales - Minimization of lost sales and increase of impulse purchases.
  • Out Of Stock Minimization – Effective monitoring of stock availability.
  • Presence Of Agreed Product Mix – Use of merchandising tools and in-house dynamic information systems.
  • Effective Key Accounts Coverage  – Effective geographical coverage through specialized routing systems and direct contact with store managers.
  • Best Product Presentation – Professional merchandising teams with product category /brand’s specific knowledge ensure good presence of goods.
  • Best Representation at Points of Sale – Good use of customer’s equipment and technical support at the points of sale. Photographic presentation of selling space and customer’s assets per store.
  • Achievement of objectives – Ongoing adherence of customer’s Directives / KPIs  ensuring the required results.
  • Result Verification  - Continuous supervision at all stages ensuring achievement of required results.
  • Feedback And Reporting – Reporting systems supporting customer’s sales and marketing  teams and assistance in the formulation of proposals for improving the existing situation.
  • Reduction Of Costs – Effective utilization of human capital, relieving customer’s administration, management time and various resources teams.
  • Speed Of Coverage – Deployment of large number of resources according to customer’s needs.
  • Innovation – Ongoing development and implementation of innovative systems and merchandising techniques (i.e. ordering systems).


Indicative Customers

merch customers


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