TALANTON is a company which:

  • Develops Sales Channels, Merchandising Networks and Merchandising Standards to serve the goals of its customers as an outsource operator by participating in planning and implementing their plans into practice.
  • Continuously adopts new methods and technologies.
  • Participates in the market research and promotion of innovatory products in the health sector with the use of communication technologies by being a member of groups of companies and research centers led by European Community.
  • Carries out Market Research and deals with Direct Marketing in various sectors (i.e. Consumer goods and Services).
  • Develops support systems for companies’ sales materials and manages tangible fixed customers (coolers, shelving, etc.).
  • Manages the storage and dispatch of promotional material at points of sale (advertising material, samples, etc.) and provides sales logistics to corporate clients.
  • Provides educational services.
  • Promotes sales of products abroad through international exhibitions and meetings.



The environment of the service sector, as well as our era, are characterized by the word «change». No company should create a culture that resists to change; on the contrary it should create structures that incorporate it.

Moving towards this direction, TALANTON is a company that aims to create trends and developments in its environment. The company is active in various sectors and evolves through the new challenges that it faces. By sensing the external environment the company shows a tendency of adjusting to, as well as leading the developments, with obsession to improving procedures as well as deliverable services.

Furthermore, by recognizing the dynamics of the sector and the intense need for pro-activeness, the company invests in people who are:

  • Prepared to ride along the culture of change
  • Willing to engage in the demanded procedures aiming at ongoing training
  • Adaptive to the ever-changing factors


Since 2002 it has installed and applies and administration quality system that complies with the international prototype of quality ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV Rheinland Group, in the area of “Merchandising via applied Marketing and in the growth of sales networks”.

ISO logo
The Company makes with priority every effort to ensure the necessary resources to be at the forefront of competition for the services it provides to its customers.

  • TALANTON’s customers are assured for the services provided due to the company’s compliance with the QMS standard EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • There are techniques for processing information obtained during the execution of all tasks and are used to improve the services we provide.
  • That is, technical monitoring of projects (ratings, reviews, etc.), instructions for compliance with the system, improvement of the quality system, etc.


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