Sales Networks

Sales Networks

TALANTON with over 1.000.000 visits a year and nationwide coverage of retail outlets, covering all major distribution channels and most of the product categories. TALANTON has extensive experience both in project management, either by using dedicated teams, or more flexible patterns, having implemented a large number of different programs.

The reports enable our customers to have the results and the status of the market, having the ability to provide data on frequency, type and depth of analysis, depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

The sales department consists of experienced sales executives, is organized according to the channels of distribution, is part of your organization and becomes part of your value chain.


Sales Services Benefits

  • Specialized marketing services and sales
  • Experienced team of associates
  • Solutions tailored to your needs (partial or full coverage)
  • Large degree of flexibility
  • Immediate response

Indicative Customers




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