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Retail Excellence Merchandising Scoring System
TALANTON Business Consulting & Marketing Services provides innovative products and services in the areas of Auditing & Consulting for businesses that already have established sales networks in the market.
This service concerns businesses that mainly trade FMCG products but also services in a large number of points of sale and sales channels.

Our marketing strategy research, analytics, and consulting services can help you move your brand from where it currently stands to where you want it to be, beginning with a marketing audit…

The «Retail Excellence» Merchandising Scoring System is a system that provides the scoring of each store by measuring and evaluating the basic categories of merchandising activity, that is the merchandising standards, i.e.:

-The distribution of products or availability of services
-The way of representation of the products
-The availability of all sorts of promotional material, etc.

Its main attributes and quality characteristics:
-It checks the adequate level of customer service
-It evaluates the servicing  provided by the personnel, the level of courtesy and the performance
-It checks the condition and the availability and affordability of products (out of stock, facings, prices, shelf space, displays, etc.)
-It locates weaknesses and advantages for our brand and the competition
-It adjusts to customer’s needs
-It concludes to suggestions for improvement

Auditing benefits – Immediate results

The businesses that incorporate auditing services will be in the position to know at any given time:

- The market trends
- The value of individual actions and their cost/benefit ratio
- The competition’s comparative performance
- Which actions contribute more significantly to target achievement
- Any new potential and how it can be exploited
- Specific improvement proposals in each type of action

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