Training and Development division of Talanton SA
.. Helps in optimizing the utilization of human resource that further helps the employee to achieve the organizational goals as well as individual goals.
.. Helps in increasing the productivity of the employees that in turn help the organization to achieve its long-term goal.
.. Helps in improving upon the quality of work and work-life.
.. Helps in developing leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes &
.. Demonstrates a commitment from Your Company to keeping employees on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice.

In TALANTON the process of training is continuous and fundamental for the development of the company and its personnel.


Training Methodology

TALANTON has developed a unique method of training and development, the PRO.T.O.C.O.L.
It is the acronym for PROgressive Training Omnibus  for Competence & Operational Latitude.
And it does exactly that ..
Works ACROSS Managerial Functions and CROSSES every function from Orientation and Methodology to detailed Function Skills needed for operating excellence.

As an example for the Evaluation and Control function one can start from:
Understanding Company vision, strategy and objectives (ORIENTATION) and end up to
Master Gantt diagrams (Project Management SKILL)PRO.TO.C.O.L is fully versatile and it can be applied to “Open Seminars” to “Intra Company Seminars” and fully “Tailor Made Company and/or Departmental Specific”.

Publication of Educational Material

TALANTON in collaboration with Global Team International have introduced a publications organization with merchandising related books which is called “Global Team Press”.

Training material sectors:

  • Merchandising
  • Sales Networks
  • Distribution systems
  • Team Leader Techniques

Below there are some of the most significant book titles related to Merchandising Skills:

  • Merchandising  Principles (book – English)
  • Global Quality Merchandising (book – English)
  • Merchandising  principles for FMCG (Training Manual – English,  Greek, Russian,  Spanish, French, Italian)
  • Global Score Merchandising Audit (Windows based version software – English)


Indicative List of Seminars

1.Business sector induction course, 2.Strategy formation & Developing Strategic Priorities, 3.Brainstorming, 4.Planning Process and planning tools, 5.Budgeting & Reporting, 6.Project management, 7.Understanding organizational changes and future, 8.Effective Communication, 9.Conflict management, 10.Managing Change, 11.Recruiting and selection criteria, interviewing, 12.Training Needs and Internal training, Train the Trainer, 13.Presentation Skills, 14.Sales Skills, Distribution, Retail, Merchandising Skills, Tel Sales Skills, Pre-selling Skills, 15.Coaching, Running Effective Sales meetings Logistics, KPIs, 16.QC management, 17.Warehouse Mgt, 18.Manufacturing Mgt, 19.Αccepting Change and Innovation, Material Handling, 20.Safety, 21.Marketing skills, Trade Marketing, 22.Brand management, 23.Category Management, 24.CSM and CRM, 25.Key Account Management, 26.Communication Skills, presentations, Speaking from Pontium, Writing skills, Body Language, 27.Managing Effective Meetings, 28.Monthly, Quarterly Reporting Tools and Techniques, KPIs, 29.Βudgeting & Reporting, 30.Finance for the non financial employee, 31.Understanding and using Emotional Intelligence at work (EQ), 32.Digital literacy and IT skills, 33.Negotiating Skills (I & II), 34.Management I and II in a day workshop, 35.International Marketing, 36.The Operation of the International Trade Fairs.


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