Why us?

 The “key” to our approach is: NOT WHAT we do but HOW we do it..


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Why us?

Within TALANTON, we support clients all over Greece as well as countries in the Balkans and in Cyprus, which are leaders in every market sector and country in which they operate.

TALANTON has the scale to work with clients on a regional or global basis.

The key to TALANTON’s success is the long term relationships we build with clients and our belief in working together to best deploy the information we hold to meet each client’s requirements.


Why Outsource with TALANTON

  • TALANTON offers managers significant marketing expertise, a global network of distribution partners and merchandisers and a demonstrable track record in new market placed products.
  • TALANTON reviews existing marketing and reporting materials then works with managers to enhance materials’ appearance and content where appropriate.
  • TALANTON looks after the initial screening of customers, dissemination of information, placement of the products in the market and follow up.
  • TALANTON provides managers with regular feedback which can often be useful in refining marketing and reporting efforts.
  • TALANTON helps you create and implement highly effective marketing strategies. This is used to supplement marketing efforts and help shorten the sales cycle.
  • Once results is raised from markets TALANTON will continue to follow up on a regular basis to ensure customers are happy with performance, reporting, etc.
  • TALANTON aligns its interests with managers and customers, aiming  on their success in new markets which results in retaining them for many years.
  • For customers the result is substantial market growth achieved through effective utilization of human capital, relieving customer’s administration, management time and various resources teams.

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